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Discover the timeless charm of our "Timeless" design, which unites elegance and historical aesthetics in a harmonious interplay. This design is distinguished by its classic frame, reminiscent of the splendor of bygone eras, turning every picture or item into a work of art.

The magnet is characterized by its artfully crafted vintage frame, adorned with detailed embellishments and a fine patina. This design captures the spirit of historical aesthetics and turns every image into a miniature masterpiece.

In the center of the magnet, you can insert your own photo. Whether it's a family portrait, a landscape image, or a personal memento, it will be stylishly showcased by the vintage frame.

Ideal for the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. The magnet is not just a pretty eye-catcher in your kitchen but also adds a personal touch to your office or any other place that could use some beautification.


We process your order within 48 hours on working days, if your desired items are in stock. Normally, it does not take more than 4-10 business days from the time of order until delivery within Europe.